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Bulk Weed Delivery in Vancouver


What is Bulk Weed?

Bulk weed is cannabis flowers sold in large quantities, typically by the pound. It is often sold at a discount to wholesale customers or dispensaries. Bulk weed can be a great way to save money on your favourite strains and an excellent way to stock up for special occasions or events.  

How to Measure Cannabis Flowers

Amount Ounces Grams
1 Pound 16 Ounces 448 Grams
Half a Pound 8 Ounces 224 Grams
Quarter of a Pound 4 Ounces 112 Grams
1 Ounce 1 Ounce 28 Grams

Benefits of Buying Bulk Weed in Canada?

There are many benefits of buying bulk weed in Canada. The most obvious benefit is cost savings. You can get a lower price per gram when you buy bulk weed. This can add up to significant savings, especially if you are a regular cannabis consumer.  In addition to the cost savings, buying bulk weed allows you to have a larger quantity on hand. This can be useful if you want to share your weed with friends or if you want to have a stash for a rainy day.  Another benefit of buying bulk weed is that you can get a wide variety of high-quality cannabis strains. Also, when you buy from a reputable source, you can be confident that you are getting quality cannabis.  

Best Places to Buy Bulk Weed in Canada

Are you looking to buy some weed in bulk? You're in luck! Canada is home to many great places to buy bulk weed. Daily Treats Delivery is an excellent option for buying bulk weed. They have a wide selection of strains, and their prices are competitive.